The beginning of the end. The beginning of the future. The time has now come. The time is here. The time has come to bow. The upper room. Twelve sit and eat. One man breaks bread and one man’s heart is broken. Tomorrow is a world away. Tomorrow will come soon. Hymns are sung. Conversations are spun. You cannot come where I am going, one day you will understand. In this world you will have trouble. Take heart I will overcome the world. Take heart, I will come and make my home with you. Take heart and love, love one another as I have loved you. Tomorrow you will see the extent of my love. Tomorrow.

Declarations are made, I will never abandon, never leave, I will never forsake. Promises that can only be broken are uttered as one man’s heart breaks. This is how it must be, this is how is has to be, this is the new wine, the new covenant. You must bow, you must take off your shoes to be part of this, take off your shoes, eat the bread, drink the wine and try not to hide from the breaking heart of one man.

Hymns are sung, conversations are spun. Now it’s time to leave. Who will stay and watch? Who understands the strange beauty of this breaking man’s heart? Who knows why he looks so sad and yet so set because the time has now come? Wait, watch, please, don’t fall asleep. Tonight, the night, of all nights, I need friends, come, wait and watch and please don’t fall. Asleep.

Wretched, the Trinity wrestles through the night. Another way, is there not another way? Silence as the painful truth shines. There is no other way. This is it. Your will. Not mine. The end. I will go. This heart is broken.

Here they come. One man stands alone to face the night.

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