Days 31-37

New Word Alive done in style. 6 Adults, 3 Children, 1 Farmhouse. Sunshine on arrival, exploring the many rooms, sitting in the garden in the sun reading the paper. Cries of small children roaming around the garden and house, pterodactyl Samuel, butterflies landing on Ben’s arm and head, Daniel’s smiles. Heading down to the beach, Dolphins putting on a show for us out to sea, meals cooked on the crazy Aga. Sitting around a large kitchen table each day, lazy family breakfasts reading the paper, long wine fuelled evening meals putting the world to rights, deep chats, encouraging debriefs on the days learning and fun games.  Heading onto site, catching up with old friends, freely avoiding awkward ‘what are you doing now’ conversations. Singing Come Thou Font of Every Blessing with 3000 other people. Graham Daniels telling us to keep going. David Cook providing favourite food each day from Acts. 28 years of Husbandface and vowing never to feed the 3 small boys that much chocolate ever again. Vulnerability with each other. Morning runs and the constant backdrop of pretty mountains. Being reminded of the reality of our Maker, being reminded that Jesus really has done it all for us, being reminded to talk to people and delight in the freedom to do that, being reminded that there is better yet to come, being reminded that living by Faith is the call on our lives, that Jesus really did die and rise again and that changes everything.

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