Psalm 99- How big is your God?

The god we sometimes think about is a small god. A god who can’t do much and who is generally confined to our imagination. The God of this Psalm is entirely the opposite of that. This Psalm calls us to stop and let God out of the box. To stop and wonder.

The LORD reigns.
He sits enthroned.
He is exalted over all.
He is holy.

Words that are unfamiliar rush out at us: reigns, enthroned, exalted, holy. Words that seem dusty and belonging more to royalty than to any direct experience we have.  That might be the point. We are faced with the unfamiliar. Before we come to know the personal intimate touch of our God we are called to sense his unfamiliarity.  To know that he is altogether not like us.

He reigns. He is enthroned. He is exalted. He is holy.

Majestic words. Like the crowning glory of sunshine streaming through clouds over stormy seas. Like the highest mountain bursting out of clouds. Like the roaring blaze of a forest fire. These are things we can only stand in awe of. Things that are bigger than us. Much much bigger than us. These are words that call us to see that there is more to this God than meets our eye. He is not to be contained.

The response to his majesty, to his reign is awe. Trembling. Shaking. And praise.

Exalt him. Worship him. Know he is holy. Stop and look. This is a God who stops us in our tracks, who blows away the self absorbed world we inhabit. This is a God who steps in with his otherness, his holiness, his reign. We must stop and gaze. He is great, exalted and magnificent. We are small, on our knees and trembling at his footstool.

Stop. Roll the words around on your tongue. Walk away from the computer screen and sit. Feel the weight of another, not like you, in charge. Feel the smallness. Feel the majesty of God.

This is the God who is over the nations, who is great and awesome, who established justice in this world. He is still over the nations today. The call is still to praise his name today.

There is more. This God who is so majestic, so other, so awesome can be spoken to, is involved in our lives.

This is the God who came close to us. The Psalmist reminds us that this is the God who spoke to Moses, Aaron and Samuel, who answered their calls. This is the God who is a forgiving God, who doesn’t give up on his people. We are not left in terror, we are take from our trembling to see more and more of the wonder of God stepping into our lives. Caring about you and me, forgiving our sins, washing us clean.

The response is not carelessness, is not to take this for granted, is not to walk away. The response is clear. More awe, more worship, more praise of him.

Exalt the Lord our God. Worship him. For he is holy. Praise him, thank him, honour him, fall on your knees before him because he is God.

To ponder:

Is the god you worship the God who makes the nations tremble?

Is your god too safe? Are you willing to be small before the majesty of our God?

What does it really look like to exalt God?

Actions: Go and find somewhere bigger than you. A massive building, a seashore, a huge mass of people. Sit and ponder the God who is infinitely larger and more wonderful.

See the full set of pictures and reflect on Jason’s cartoon .

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