The one with the Birthday weekend

Diary update. For want of any profound thoughts washing around my tired brain.  This weekend was for birthday fun organised by the excellent husbandface. Given that we are both extremely exhausted right now I think we did very well on the fun front.

Thankfully my brain wasn’t too tired for the wonders of Inception on Friday night, a film which treated me as if I had a brain and wasn’t afraid to use it. Another twist on the ‘what is real?’ genre.  A delight for anyone who has ever realised they were in a dream, woken up and then realised that they were still dreaming, on a whole lot larger scale.

Saturday was the day for adventure, amused at being the only two people in Drucillas park without children attached to us, delighting in sleepy lemars, enjoying grumpy donkeys, loving some crazy golf action, discovering ancient tea rooms, napping and then eating ridiculously lovely food at the Ginger Dog in Brighton.

Sunday saw our church move to a new building, Mum and Dad taking us out for more lovely food, cup cake joy, more napping and the return of The Wire in our lives. The Wire is something I really need to extol the virtues of more on this blog. But I need to go and watch it right now and have my internal monologue littered with profanities for a while.

All in all a very good weekend, I’ve been well fed, have had many naps and enjoyed much of this crazy world despite the haze of tiredness. I have been furnished with many interesting books to read and have made it through another year of life. Phew.

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1 Response to The one with the Birthday weekend

  1. mandy says:

    like the picture of you – words and the photo too x

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