I *heart* Brighton

I don’t think I got through more than an hour this weekend without declaring in a loud voice, “I love Brighton”, or, “no no, you don’t get it, I really LOVE Brighton”.  It’s true, and it’s in months like May that I realise it all over again. It’s not as if it’s enough just to have an amazing city, the sea and the downs all in one place, no no, Brighton always takes it one step further. The festival is such a time.

I’ve only really lived in Brighton for the last few months, outer Hove and Hollingbury just don’t count, now I live close enough to walk into town without hiking boots and a thermos flask for sustenance along the way. All of which makes doing festival things a whole lot easier, no need to search aimlessly for the elusive parking space, no need to pay out the salary on bus fares, just us and some feet.

We started the weekend with walking down to the Children’s Parade, mainly because Husbandface’s school appeared, but really because we got to see these things:

Pretty cool eh?

Next stop on our Festival opening day was the opening night of our friends art being displayed in a local cafe for the month (I don’t know how to make that sentence sound less clunky…).  Excellent art and free wine.

Sunday I went to my first lot of Open Houses. I’m not really sure how to describe the impact of wandering around strangers houses looking at amazing things their hands have created, not sure how to capture the diversity on offer, the joy at seeing so many interesting things and the wonder at so much beauty expressed in so many different forms. And that was only seeing 2 roads worth of houses. Leaving aside the house envy that comes with such an experience I could quite happily spend a couple of hours each weekend in such activity, something in my soul breathed a happy sigh and pondered getting creative one day.

The evening brought about one of those “only in Brighton” moments. We went to see an Argentinian guitarist play pretty songs in Spanish whilst a cartoonist/artist drew funny/wistful/entertaining pictures of the songs projected for us all to see. Strangely beautiful, and strangely sleep inducing at times.

So there we go. I want more. More experiences of pretty randomness. More excitement at how crazily creative us humans can get at times. More sunshine and more wonder at the Author of such diversity. I love Brighton, I love this city in all it’s crazy beauty, shame, joy, pain, delight, loneliness, need and hunger.

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