All change please, all change…

On the grounds that starting to write is half the battle, thus I begin. In a new time, in a new space, with a new name.  In fact, lets stop there, I have a new name.  A new name. It’s not often that happens, it’s never happened to me before, for years I’ve been bumbling along with the name Kath Arnold, a name that people seem to have got used to saying as one word. Katharnold. that’s been my name. And now I have to separate it out again. Arnold has gone. Cunningham has replaced it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I object to having a new name, or dislike it. It just takes a little getting used to.

Names are important, they are how we are identified, they show a certain level of intimacy, they can be altered, changed and defaced by the closest of friends but they remain ours. They’ve been with us all our life. Changing them is pretty significant.

So what does my name change signify? A change of family. A shift in parts of my identity. I am now associated with someone else, together we have started something new and different.  Together we have begun a new journey from which there is no turning back. And so, however freak ass this feels, it is Good and Right to mark the utter transformation of our lives.

Also, the thing that really clinched the deal was remembering God is always changing peoples names in the Bible (well maybe not always…). Changing them to mark new periods in peoples lives, new ways in which He is going to use them. So, you know, it might be ok to have a new name. A marker in the ground to say, yep everything has changed, and that’s OK. In fact it’s more than ok. It’s life changingly incredible.

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1 Response to All change please, all change…

  1. yey!

    I’m sure there is something more profound to be said… but I’m glad that you are still you – but in a new way… enjoy working that out!

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