Smile like an idiot?

In family time together (sometimes called Gospel Community but that might be a bit grand) we like to sit and read the Bible and have our lives transformed by the Living God as He speaks to us (‘like’ might be a bit of an understatement). We’ve been chewing on Galatians recently and got to the classic list of sarcastic questions Paul asks them. Really, check them out. We chatted lots about God and his crazy grace and real love for us. Musing on all of that I wondered whether we really experience that in our lives. Do I really act as someone who is loved by the Maker of the universe? Do I walk around with joy because Someone knows all I’ve ever done and yet chooses to pour out love on me, doesn’t expect anything from me before he does that and declares that I am His dearly loved daughter.

A good question, because most of the time I act as if God is merely vaguely disappointed in me, not even angry, just a kind of low disappointed murmur. The Bible never really ascribes those kind of emotions to God. He’s passionate, either a spurned lover burning with righteous jealousy or a deep thrilling lover pouring out new and surprising gifts on his children.  Vaguely disappointed just doesn’t even cut it. When I think He is vaguely disappointed there is no incentive to respond to him. When I consider that I have rejected the best lover in the world I am broken and hurt and cut the core. When I think I’ve vaguely disappointed someone I shrug my shoulders and go to bed in morose despair that I might try harder tomorrow. When I realise I am unconditionally loved and realise that my deepest sin can’t get me out of that I grin like an idiot and smile my way to bed.  I can try and walk His ways knowing my success or failure never take me outside of his love.

And that, my friends might just be a little bit of what this Grace thing is all about. Go crazy. Smile like a idiot. The Maker of the world LOVES doing good to you and rejoices in loving you. Small woop anyone?

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