the start?

Welcome, have a seat.

To explain or not to explain?

Look around the room for a moment, breathe, maybe put the kettle on.

OK. There is little room for explanation.  A few lifetimes ago, or possibly just last week I wrote a blog. It was good while it lasted but times have changed. I no longer live in Hove for a start, and that’s a pretty good reason for ones blog not to be called “hoveactually”.  There are few people who read my blog anymore, and many of the people I enjoyed blogging around don’t do this thing anymore, the age of the old blog is pretty much dead. It was fun while it lasted, we had a blast back in the day (oo about 3 years ago) but times have moved on.

So why? A good enough question, another good question being: “what the heck are you doing here when there are other things to be doing, sunshine to be enjoyed, a wedding to plan, people to love and food to be eaten?”…

Well, fundamentally I like thinking and I like writing. When I wibble on my computer with no-one to see I become lazy and can’t be bothered to even think about writing properly, if I think one person might stumble across this page late at night and actually want to understand a little of the content I try harder.

I aim to write one thing a week. Be it about cake, tea, life, a list, hope, work, what to do in your lunch hour when there is no-one else in the office or some such other thing. To help me write. To give me a discipline. To help me have fun. To help me reflect the wonder of living in this world. To help me unwind. A myriad of reasons. Yes it’s pretty much about me.  But in the it being all about me you might almost find out that it’s actually about Someone Else as all of me reflects a tiny fraction of the One who made me.  You are welcome to sit with me, comment on, agree or disagree with anything here.  You’ll find I love tea, beauty, Jesus, people, deep chats, fire places, wine, pretty notebooks, big fat waves, mountains, music and a myriad of other things.

It’s time for something new. Everything has changed and yet, you’ll probably find that many things have really stayed pretty much the same.

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3 Responses to the start?

  1. meinmysmallcorner says:

    I’m still here… Glad you’re not disappearing 🙂

  2. I’m still here too. “by hoveactually” – should that be “brightonactually” now?

  3. Gareth Davies says:

    good to discover you somewhere else

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