Sarah says I should start blogging again, I’m not really convinced of the merits of blogging whilst very spaced out due to being poorly sick. But there you go. What may follow who can tell because my brain seems to be made of wobbly jelly at the moment. Anyways, you should look at this. It’s our church blog. Yey. I’m still not sure I should be calling this blog hoveactually anymore, it’s been nearly a year since I lived in Hove, but I can’t be faffed changing it.

I’ve been in the Lakes for the last week with the aforementioned (love that word) Sarah having a lovely time of reading books, walking up hills and visiting an inordinate amount of tea shops. Good times. Some pretty photos for you:
View over Keswick from Walla Crag

a tree

We did rate all the tea shops on a complex scale of 1-5 including ratings for tea, coffee, cake and general ambiance. This one was my favourite, mainly because it sold tea in pint mugs, also it was just what we needed on a rainy walk in the Lakes, sausage sandwich and a pint of tea. Did I mention that the tea came in pints?


Moment of the holiday was provided by the lovely Liz (on our annual meet up in the Lakes cos she lives too far North to see any other time). We were in a old country house with a new fangled approach to visitors, no National Trust evil red ropes blocking you from going anywhere or stupid signs instructing you not to sit anywhere or breathe near the precious old things. No no. This one had a sign asking you to touch and play the piano. Weird. Liz played some beautiful pretty music and became totally oblivious to everyone else in the house stopping, entranced, to listen. We had a sense she’d made their holiday. They duly applauded when Liz stopped and for the rest of our time there came up to us to thank her and generally gush about her playing. Very entertaining and strangely moving.

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2 Responses to Back

  1. meinmysmallcorner says:

    Aw, and what a great return! I love a celebration of the simple pleasures of life! Tea in pints? I demand more details.

  2. Sarah says:

    Kath – it was great to be on holiday with you – i am sorry if a week away from the South Coast has broken you? Or was that leaving the Lakes??? Thanks for sharing some of your favourite places with me!

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