Easter Week.

bach1On Saturday night I went to hear Bach’s The St John Passion at the Brighton Dome. I can’t think of a better way to start Holy Week than the awesome sound of a full on choir singing through the death of Jesus. We even got to sing a long at points, although in a slightly different way to say, a sing-a-long Sound of Music. I was moved to tears and broken again by the incredible story of Jesus going through all that agony, pain and suffering for you and me. It’s the most powerful story of all, one man healing forever the alienation of Creator and creatures. His death instead of mine. His blood, my life.

As we sung: “Thy Name is shining on me Lord Jesu, day and night; Thy cross alone hath won me my hearts delight; For now by faith depicted the saving truth I see, how thou most afflicted has shed thy blood for me.”

Possibly the best start to Easter.

(On a more frivolous note, one of the best sights of the evening was a man who clearly was overcome by the music conducting furiously to his hearts content from the balcony. It’s a strange crowd at these events)

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3 Responses to Easter Week.

  1. beautiful.

    I am enjoying these easter related posts in the blogoshere, as I could easily forget that it is the build up to easter out here. The Thai church doesn’t seem to have discovered easter yet which is a shame.

    Lots of love to you,

    still appreciating you!

  2. They did the same performance last year and it was fantastic. Personally I think there should be more conducting from the balconies, but I usually resist the urge in public!

  3. Anna Brett says:

    mate! how awesome, i think you definitely win. But thanks for the ‘thy name is shining’ quote. It has been duly printed out and will find its way onto our noticebaord

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