No Line on the Horizon


The new U2 album. Wibblying guitars, interesting lyrics, beautiful lush voices, musical landscapes, Larry’s splash cymbal once again, funked up noise and more.  Less accessible than the last but better for it.  Just my opinion you understand. Best listened to turned up loud. I like it, but meh everyone has a view on this one.


This one is a Good Read. It might make you cry. It might frustrate you with the lack of nice neat answers with little bows wrapped around them but you’ll be better off for it. He manages that weird trick of asking the deepest most painful questions but still retaining faith and love for this God who is fairly incomprehensible at times. It’s a rambling book of thoughts, good to peer in at a big brain thinking those thoughts.

Here’s a bit:

“It seems, indeed, that it is precisely those who have the closest relationship with God who feel most at liberty to pour out their pain and protest to God without fear of reproach. Lament is not only allowed in the Bible; it is modeled for us in abundance. God seems to want to give us as many words with which to fill in our complaint forms as to write our thank you notes. Perhaps this is because whatever amount of lament the world causes us to express is a drop in the ocean compared to the grief in the heart of God himself at the totality of suffering that only God can comprehend.”

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2 Responses to Recomended

  1. Steffy B says:

    I clearly need to read this book immediately…

  2. AMY says:

    Loving the new U2 album…. in my humble opinion miles better than the previous!!!

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