Just one more thing…

Yes I know, I promised no more from me for a while… But as I was talking to a good friend this evening I realised the stark omission from my pitiful review of 2008 was this: This year I made a choice to do something weird, to change church, leave a great house to live with another good friend and two random boys I hardly knew, to try and live in a way that expressed the unconditional love of our Creator to the mess of Brighton.  To live as family in a broken world, to try and love the people around us where we live. It’s been the most intense experience, full of joy, reality, pain, gain, loss and lessons.  I’ve learnt more about my pride, my inability to be lovely and perfect for even 5 minutes a day, I’ve gained two brothers and a sister, I’ve experienced the weirdness of leaving something great for something else great but in totally different ways. I can’t believe it was nearly a year ago that we decided to do something a little bit crazy.

We’re still a work in progress, we will still be a work in progress 5 years down the line, we won’t get this community thing right, we will be broken and messed up and not neat for as long as we live here. I hate that and I love that. I hate not being in control of this thing, that we aren’t perfect and can’t show the world nice neat things we have done.  I love that God is at work inspite of us, in us and through us and that he has a plan in this whole thing which we can only dream of. I love learning these lessons and I hate learning them, I want to be perfect some of the time, I don’t want people to see my moody fickle weirdness. But most of all I love that God is more concerned that we know Him, bathe in His love each day, love Him and each other more than anything we could ‘do’ for Him in this house. Oh to enjoy that more…

Right that’s it, no more I promise, just pretty quotes.

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