The one with the pointless list.

As much as I love lists and compiling them, the top 10 list of best films I’ve watched, cds I’ve listened to, books I’ve read or gigs I’ve been to this year will take too long.  It’s clearly bedtime and I’ve yet to post my real reason for blogging tonight. But I feel a taster is in order. So for no real reason:

The best film of the year, for watchablity, was Juno, and meh pretty much the best cd I bought was the Juno soundtrack as I did play it over and over and over again, and inspired my Mum to make an unprecedented move and download the song “All I want is you” from itunes, I am proud. Best book, um, probably ‘The Book Thief’ for fiction, ‘Watching the English’ for non fiction and ‘The Shack’ for the God botherer one. Best gig was Martyn Joseph, hands down.

And there you have it, a pointless non listy list to completely fail to sum up the good things I saw, listened to and read this year. And now with 2008 thankfully put into the draw marked ‘not such a good year’ onwards with this life, this blog and into 2009.

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4 Responses to The one with the pointless list.

  1. ramjam says:

    My favourite film this year has to go to a general discovery ofthe wonder of Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons which bravely follow imaginative and fantastic scenarios without losing the sense of real place observation. They are dull if animist worldview fragments, but are hugely valuable nonetheless.

    And I am not a stalker- it’s called google reader plus time to sit and surf. See you guys tomorrow.

  2. ramjam says:

    Change the word dull for ‘full’ please.

    Oh- some examples: nausicaa, howl, tortoro and spirited.

  3. hoveactually says:

    you are SUCH a blog stalker.
    or just obessed with your google reader.
    See you tmw!

  4. I’m not sure I did enough in 2008 to write a “Top 10…” for any of those things!

    Oh, and Bloglines is my excuse for the quick response 🙂

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