Things that make me cry. Pt 568

Today it was Kevin’s talk on the Virgin Birth. On why this matters so much. God coming to earth as a baby. God growing up with us. The seemingly impossible possible. God come to be with us. That means He cares. That means that all our random day to day routines and work lives matter to him. Jesus spent 15 years being a carpenter before he did anything else. He knows about the routine of work, he knows about being tired and sad. He knows about our situations. He has been here. The God of the heavens and the earth is so much more wonderful and strange than we give him credit for. The God of the universe didn’t abandon his creation. He stepped into the mess and did something about it.

That’s why tonight I fight the Sunday evening blues, the feeling that I must get the week of work over to get to the weekend. I fight it because tomorrow there is purpose and meaning in each moment. Tomorrow there is new mercy. Tonight as I sleep God stays awake, watching, doing things, getting up to stuff, and tomorrow morning we will wake up into a world where He is active and alive. Tomorrow is a day alive with possibility and opportunity. For some of us it needs to be endured and survived but it is not random or pointless, it will not be a waste of time. There is splendor in the ordinary of our lives. God cares about the to do list on my desk at work. Weird eh.

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2 Responses to Things that make me cry. Pt 568

  1. Marcus says:

    nicely put Kath. The delight of immanence is that God is REALLY immanent, down and dirty in the details of life, even when we don’t feel it.

    I recently heard Bill Hybels quoting Mother Theresa saying to God “I want to love you more than you have ever been loved by anyone else before – even when I don’t feel you are near.”

    That’s the right response to fresh Monday morning mercies.

    Hope you are well

  2. Becci Brown says:

    Perhaps that’s why I see a dolphin and it makes me cry

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