Dealing with unemployment.

Recently I have found myself in the unenviable position of searching for a job. This is not a post about that. That would a little bit dull. This is a post about what to do in the meantime. Days slip away in this state, recently I found myself watching an entire day of the Olympics. I watched archery, swimming, sailing, canoing, horse riding, boxing and weightlifting. Until my eyes hurt. There must be productive things I could be doing instead. Knowing there are others in a similar situation, here are some activities to fill your day. First, take a note of Hugh Grant in About a Boy, not usually the fount of all knowledge I grant you, but here he has an excellent strategy…

Things to fill your half hour slots.

1. Read a chapter of an improving book.  Or you know, a non improving book. You’ll spend hours wanting to do this when you are employed, take the chance now.

2. Discover all the fun free things there are to do in your town or city. Do them.

3. Embrace the charity shops. And find the best bargain for under a pound.

4. Team up with others in similar situations. Try not to bring each other down to the depths of misery and despair you reach on your own.

5. Exercise. It makes you happy, really.

6. Plan your time, allow time for job hunting and then do something fun to drive away the fear of there being no jobs out there for you EVER.

7. Watch some of the Olympics, when you find yourself working out the rules of Boxing and Judo the time has come to SWITCH THE TV OFF.

8. Rediscover the wonders of your CD collection, dig out the albums you’ve forgotten about, it’s like buying new music all over again.

9. Cook interesting meals with the left over food in your house. Save money, eat random.

10. Blog.

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2 Responses to Dealing with unemployment.

  1. Yella Ojrak says:

    That was funny. I mean, really. I have been unemployed for more than 3 years (yes it’s miserable), and this post remind me of my first 6 month of unemployment. The only difference is I spent some of my freeeeeeee time listening to HardRock FM, not watching Olympics.

  2. Miss Hunt says:

    Take Ten points young lady. Don’t forget to factor in some units to organise your wardrobe (so that you don’t waste valuable time when you have a job searching for something that isn’t creased.). Then do the same for your knicker drawer and shoe selection. This will make you feel good, and save you work-morning minutes. Further units can then be redeemed to order those clothes in terms of length, and colour. (working from L-R, short-long, light-dark, obviously).

    Visa-vi the the judo, as far as I can work out, 2 Nissans = 1.5 hyundais, which when converted by an inverse tamagotchi = 1 Wagamama.

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