Some photos

Life has become very strange, I’m sitting in my old house borrowing their internet, as ours won’t be working for another few weeks. In the last week I’ve moved house, had my last team days, my last drive up the A27 for work and had the last time with my Relay Workers. All in all it’s been a funny few days. Thankfully I now have much time off to settle, sort, unpack and generally believe that I really have moved

Here are some photos from the last week, a teapot my students gave me, a last glimpse of the A27 and my favourite sign on it, our trip to the grand hotel for afternoon tea, our new house with Kev and Lou and me with Anna and Sarah reflected in my sunglasses. More soon when I can find some more internetski.

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2 Responses to Some photos

  1. Anthony says:

    Kath – I think it should be “Brighton actually” now. What does the road sign say? Can’t read it. Is it the “No racing by horse-drawn vehicles” one?? That’s my favourite! Those people and their chariot races…

  2. Adele says:

    So, I’m wondering if you’re going to drive over to your old house everytime you want to blog as an act of commitment to your username. That would be very impressive indeed.

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