One man and a tunnel.

hindhead_14.jpgOver the last few months excitement has built up in the Arnold family as finally the tunnel project my Dad has been working on has started to be built. To understand the significance of this you have to go back to about 20 years ago when Dad first started working on the scheme. Yes. 20 years ago. I think Dad might have had a happier life if he’d have just got paid to bang his head against a brick wall for 20 years. After many starting and stopping it’s finally being done and I am proud of my Dad. He project manages this scheme. And if you clicky click here you’ll see his tunnel and about 30 seconds of him saying something about boring machines (hehe).

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1 Response to One man and a tunnel.

  1. meinmysmallcorner says:

    Aww, your dad has a ‘kindly’ face. What a great word and what a perfect example! 🙂

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