I’m not sure how the disciples of Jesus felt the day after they’d seen their Lord, Master and friend crucified on a cross. I’m not sure whether they would have remembered his talk of rising again in the pain of their grief. I’m not sure if they wondered what on earth it was all about and I’m sure they didn’t know how to deal with the pain of loss and separation. Easter Saturday reminds us of such times.  In a way it was entirely fitting that today we went to a uber amazing restaurant to eat incredible food and drink everflowing wine (well as much as the lovely Sarah Meagher would pay for) to comemorate what would have been James’ thirtieth birthday. It was the right day for it to happen. Mainly because this day is about so much of the darkness and pain of this world. But the things we did today pointed towards a time when we would see him again, when the glory of tomorrow will come because Jesus did rise again. We sit on such days and feel the sadness, but it is a sadness tinged with hope, even if it’s in the brief glimpses of sun and blue skies on an otherwise rainy day. Here’s to James and all the others that we miss right now, and to all in inexplicably hard situations. There is a final day, there is more than this, and that final banquet will be a pretty good feast. 

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