Have I done enough?

 I guess this is a question we ask a lot in life. “Have I done enough?” I ask it of the work I do, we ask it throughout any Christian ministry or service we undertake. “Have I done enough?”.

I wonder why we ask the question, whether it’s born out of wanting to prove to either ourselves, God, friends and the people we work with that we have done a good job. It’s also the natural question to ask in a job that has few boundaries or limitations. In the endless quest to make the brilliant news of Jesus known, and remind all of the reality of God it’s hard to know what really is ‘enough’. Who can tell? Who can really say? And will we ever know?

I sense we might be asking the wrong question though. Enough for what? Enough for who? Surely not enough to get love, surely not enough to stop, not enough to earn a reward. What is this enough we crave? We aren’t living this life to find the answer to that question. We are living in response to the answer given to us.

Jesus is our enough. Without him we can do nothing, we can never on our own do enough. He is our enough. He is our fullness, our answer, our safe refuge, our rock, our joy, our crown, our life. We need to open up our hands again and receive the enoughness of Jesus. And from that place serve in the strength he provides, with the opportunities he provides, to the people surrounding us. It’s good to stop and think about why we are here, what we are doing in this crazy thing we call life, whether we are doing the right things, but none of it comes down to ‘am I doing ‘enough’?’. Jesus fills that. We need to direct our thoughts to ‘who can we best love today?’ And at the end of each day repent of where we have not loved, thank our God for where he has enabled us to love and sleep resting in the knowledge that tomorrow there will be new mercies. Now that’s ‘enough’.

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1 Response to Have I done enough?

  1. lbolm says:

    “Is not what My Son did, enough for you ?”

    Have a great Resurrection Weekend.

    Here is my latest post on “A Sinner Saved By Grace”


    Love in Christ Jesus

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