Kath’s strange dreamland pt1

So, I’m in a giant room, somewhere it has become obvious that my brother and his wife have had two sets of twins. All boys. The eldest two both look like my brothers early baby photos.  I’m helping them look after them. Until I decide it’s time to see a Korean dictator who happens to be in a small side room. I go into this room and see the dictator (he didn’t give his name) before me, a translator is sitting to one side. I say “Hi, how are you?” (well what else do you say to an evil dictator?). We chat through his translator and I ask some questions and we have a generally pleasant time (Kath, able to get on with anyone…). Eventually they decide I have asked too many questions and have to stay the night in Prison.

By this point Mark and Roz are asking where I have gone and calling out for help with their many babies (they have a cool pram with about 4 places to put all the babies). Some of my other friends with babies have also turned up with crying children. I explain that I have to spend the night in jail because I have asked too many questions of the Korean dictator and then am shown to some stairs going down and given a fluffy blue towel to take with me for my night in jail.

Anyone fancy interpreting that?

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7 Responses to Kath’s strange dreamland pt1

  1. lil'anneban says:

    Ooooo, me thinks it plainly means you must spend the next midsummer night in Finland, with only one baby and a bundle of old friends, and no Korean dictators 😉

    Adie is all up for arranging it all, since he has become an expert in… arrangements of such sorts.

  2. meinmysmallcorner says:

    No, no – I think it means you have to come to Ireland.

    Eh… that’s it.

  3. Miss Hunt says:

    Well, I’ve consulted a bag of chicken bones (KFC) shaken from a (primary school paint) pot during a full moon on a balcony in South East London, and the chicken bones have spoken. Unfortunately your previous correspondents have not been feeling the forces aright. Quite clearly, this dream means that you are over-mothering one near to you. Namely Mr Polar B. Arnold. I think the obvious conclusion is that Polar needs some space, and perhaps a trial separation. As an act of extreme sacrificial self-giving I will undertake the onerous task of housing Polar until such a time as he feels ready to return (the chicken bones suggest 2025 as a possible date, but that could just have been a rogue globule of BBQ sauce). As for the Korean dictator aspect, this shows in plain sight your skills for working within Communist countries, although I think you may have confused the accent/uniform for a country just to the left. I shall send you an application form for my project asap, glad you’re coming too, I knew that you’d see sense eventually.

  4. meinmysmallcorner says:

    Flip – she wins!

  5. hoveactually says:

    no no. I think she’s misguided and not in the True Way of interpretation. 🙂

  6. Miss Hunt says:

    But I shook my paint pot widdershins and everything. So I must be right. Give in. Post Polar by recorded delivery. I’m waiting.

  7. hoveactually says:

    Miss Hunt, I fear you are mistaken. The shaking of the paint pot widdershins only works on a full moon in the eighth month of the year without a leap in it. I am sad for you. Only today I read the leaves of the brew we call tea and it stated clearly that Mr Polar Arnold should remain in the house of safe keeping until such a time as the plants, or planets reallign around the giant duck in the sky.

    PS Mr Polar Arnold sends his sad regrets at this turn of events and kisses to you.

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