Music is the light that you cannot resist.

Two years ago, so this blog tells me, I saw REM in concert, I wrote an overexcited piece on the joys of music then. There is not much more to tell, you can read the archive for yourselves, my thoughts on music rarely change. It’s one of the best things ever about being human. Today was a celebration of that.

The Travelling Wilburys were one of those super groups stuffed full of big names, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and George Harrison, and it turned out they liked having fun together, playing music and writing songs. This morning I watched a dvd of how they made the first album and immediately wanted to quit my job and be in a band for the rest of my life.

Later, I and the one with a face like a bin played pretty music all afternoon, and then went to see the man whose voice makes you want to do all sorts of things you really shouldn’t be doing. Damien Rice doesn’t disappoint on any level. The only disappointment to be found was in the idiots sitting behind me who in the most beautiful rendition of Cannonball sat behind me saying, (put on your best stupid voice now) “It’s like a special bit he’s doing, it’s f**king awesome, it’s awesome, it’s like acoustic innit.” ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Argh. Damien really should be more selective in his fan base.

ANyway. Not even the endless shouts for ‘The Blowers Daughter’ and refusal to listen to anything the genius was doing that wasn’t ‘The Blowers Daughter’ could detract from the beauty of the evening. My consolation at the end was the prospect of getting to play in a gig on Thursday, yes Rooted are back and gigging again, to be honest we didn’t really go anywhere but it sounds more mysterious to say that. For a sneak preview the international folk bitch herself has got onto myspace, go listen here.

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