1. Sitting in my friends room, being introduced, once again, to something that will broaden my perspective on this life. Sitting watching this. Sitting watching This American Life. To say it’s a show merely about people’s lives would be to cramp it’s style. It’s a programe that tells stories. Real life stories. It opens your head up to other worlds, and that’s probably the best thing you can say about something. Things are beautiful when they open up your head space to new ideas, different ways of thinking. The moment when you see the world in a way you’ve never seen it before is to be savoured. Hearing crafted stories does that, sharing someones experience sometimes alters your experience and causes the world to be seen differently. I like that feeling.

2. Sitting staring at the rain, pounding the ground, watching the wind move the trees in ways they aren’t supposed to be moved, watching the sky change through shades of grey as clouds edge across my view.

3. Sitting in a coffee shop gazing out of the window watching all the people walking past. Watching peoples lives, the young mothers with babies afixed to their bodies, working out how to order coffee without abandoning the babies, and working out if they have anything in common if the conversation switches from babies. Watching the working lady meet up with her son and handing out ten pound notes to her teen, plus girl friend. Was he her son?

4. Driving a Mini Bus talking through life with someone who I’ve never talked to before, sharing stories, hearing life from the perspective of a mother with teenage children, musing on similar thoughts and ideas together, finding hope in voicing life to each other.

5. Doing something inherently practical. Something simple. Something that has no emotional consquence, no bad reflection on my character, just something simple for 2 hours. Craving more of a job that is bound by measurable time.

6. Reflecting. Realising. Thanking and hoping.

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