Some things aren’t so meaningless.

Ecclesiastes proclaims that most things are meaningless and there is little hope in this world, our experience echoes with that, here we groan and feel the ache of this broken world. However, as Aragorn is fond of saying, “there is always hope”. And the hope we have is real and certain. The resurrection happened. Jesus rose from the dead. If it didn’t happen we should embrace the ‘eat drink for tomorrow we die’ philosophy of this world. But he did. Christ has indeed been raised. Therefore we have hope. We have hope of the brilliant future that awaits us, but also hope now. That our labour is not in vain. After banging on about the resurrection for the whole of 1 Corinthians 15 Paul encourages his readers to give themselves fully to the work of the Lord because it is not in vain. There are things that aren’t meaningless. Our labour is not in vain. It is not wasted and we can do things that have value for eternity. You may do a small dance now.

And enjoy this quote… from thoughts on Isaiah 35 (go on read it)
“For we too are exiles and we cry out for home. We cannot save ourselves, but the way has already been raised up for us, and we have already set out on it. Like the prodigal we are on our way home, but we know far better than he did the welcome that awaits us. And this part of Isaiah’s vision is like a refreshing oasis on the way, where we can pause and gather strength for what remains of the journey. Joy and gladness and God himself are up ahead, and with that certain knowledge we can rise above our weariness and set out again.” (Barry Webb)

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