James Meagher 1978-2007

I’m not at all sure of the etiquette of posting such things here, but James was great, I love his wife Sarah and I’m very sad that we have to do the rest of our lives without him. He however gets to large it up in heaven eating big steaks. (at least that’s my interpretation of Isaiah 25.) It was his funeral today and although we cried and gasped at the awful situation, we clung to the brilliant hope that one day we will see him again. No wishful thinking. But raised because Jesus has been raised.

Apologies to Sarah for the picture of her, it was the best I had of him, and it captures his cat-who-got-the-cream smile he smiled at her from time to time.

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1 Response to James Meagher 1978-2007

  1. Anna says:

    Really sorry to hear about your friend 😦 but it’s a great tribute you’ve posted – to him and to Jesus, who he is with right now x

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