A thought.

As I was talking to the wonderful Anna Bennett (I owe her the urge to get back to blogging again) at Relay 2, I was reminded of a thought I’d once had about the vast amount of crazy Christian Subcultures we find ourselves in. Sometimes, especially in this job, I get overwhelmed by the number of people claiming that God is ‘in’ their particular branch of this thing we call following God and seeking to be more like Jesus. I get confused as to what God is really doing, whether He’s more with certain people or less with others. It’s easy to feel like a chameleon some of the time, speaking the right language with the right people. I asked God once what on earth this was all about. His answer was the beautiful simplicity of Isaiah 66:2

“Has not my hand made all these things,
and so they came into being?”
declares the LORD.
“This is the one I esteem:
he who is humble and contrite in spirit,
and trembles at my word.”

The language we use, the labels we like to cling to aren’t the important thing here. The issue is, whatever label you use, whatever subculture you belong to, are you humble, contrite and trembling at Gods word? That’s what He is after. That’s what I want to aim for in this maze of ideas. It’s easy to get lost along the way and just fall into following the crowd around us, God is interested in our hearts, in us living and breathing more and more of Him revealed in His word. It really doesn’t matter about the tribes or styles you hook up with after that. And that’s what we look for in others, not people who speak the right language, have the same heroes, wear the same clothes, go to the same conferences, but those who are humble, contrite and tremble at God’s word.

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4 Responses to A thought.

  1. -bb- says:

    So helpful Kath…thats defo something i get all tied in knots about.Who cares? just let me be humble and contrite and tremble at God’s word and he will be with me. And to let others do that too…How simple it all is when we see through God’s eyes 🙂

  2. thebluefish says:


  3. Anna says:

    Kath – I love the way you just ASK God when you have a problem with something. It’s something I aim to do more often (in or out of fields of root vegetables…). Encouraging stuff! Please do keep blogging, I love reading yours x

  4. Kath says:

    aw, embarrased shuffle. thanks mate!

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