Christmas thoughts

It’s Christmas Eve. Christmas, a time when we get to be all excited because we remember that this stuff we believe in, attempt to live by and cling onto in the darkness is actually true. The living Maker of the universe stepped down into His world, walked into history, became flesh, became like His creation. That’s a pretty awesome thing to get your head around. We don’t follow a cleverly invented story, we don’t follow a nice story to make us feel better. We have a faith based in history, based in events that happened, based on the reality of a God who wanted to come down to save his people. Who wanted to come amongst us, to give us hope, to transform our lives, to enable us to serve him without fear.

This is the greatest story, and it’s the story which we belong to, the story of our lives today. This is the hope and future we live in. History, which affects right here, right now and what is to come. The has been, the is happening and the will happen are the tenets of our lives. And as we remember we look back and see what has been, and so we trust and hope and delight in that affecting what is now and we look forward to the hope and guarantee of the future which is to come. Jesus stepped in and he’s going to do it again.

We have questions, we have queries, we don’t get it a lot of the time and we doubt. But through all of that runs the Truth, the stuff that keeps us walking, the stuff that keeps us remembering, the stuff that will not go away no matter how hard our rebellious hard hearts get.

Lets proclaim this at Christmas, lets hold onto our hope, lets live deeply and well in this present moment (no pun intended) because the Word has become flesh. Jesus is not ashamed to be identified with us weak humans because he became a weak little baby himself. God has come. God has come. Our tender, mighty, living, breathing, life giving, justice loving, mercy giver, Father, lover, Lord, friend and King has come. And will come. And is Here. Breathe in deep my friends and lift your soul to Him who loves and adores you and calls you to come and join the eternal world on offer.

Other writers have written this better than I could.

“God with man is now residing”
“Then angels tore the sky apart, a child was born, another start, a chance for all to regain their heart and soul, a simple birth that let us see, what we’re worth and who to be, the value of humanity once for all.”
“Pleased as man with man to dwell, Jesus our Immanuel”

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