The socks, my teachers…

My socks are teaching me a lot at the moment. I thought I’d share these things with you. I’ve just bought some of the most comfortable pairs of socks in the world. These are made from a special wool that is ridiculously soft, my feet are happy and cosy and everytime I walk around the house I rejoice in my socks. I realise that I’m a bit too much in love with my socks. This is also expressed in my choice of bed linen. I have the most comfortable bed linen you can imagine, soft brushed jersey cotton, very strokeable and which makes me smile when I wake up because it’s so wonderfully comfortable. I’m starting to think I like my comfort a bit too much.

This has brought me to think of the bigger things of this world, the longings I have and whether I am going to live to have them fullfilled in a short, unsatisfiying way in this world right here, right now. Or whether I am going to step out into the rain and head for the best place of safety, security and wonder imaginable. My longings for comfort, my longings to be loved, to be needed, to be warm and at peace are good longings, but socks won’t ever fullfil them (nor for that matter will all the other things I try). Only one person can and does and will fully on that beautiful day when the new creation gets put in place and we are finally free from the sin that hurts us and the people we love. I love my socks and the fact that I can rejoice in the one who made them. But He is better than them and if all else, socks included, were to be taken away then He would still be enough. (note to self: believe this more.)

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2 Responses to The socks, my teachers…

  1. Lou says:

    Hooray for Jesus being better than socks!! :o)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alright Mrs Stott,”The proper desire for heaven is not just about wishful thinking or escapism; rather it is one of the things a Christian is meant to have. If there is a longing for something this shows that there must be a fulfilment for that desire”. Dawson, N.S., Immoratality in CS Lewis work, (Honeysuckle Road, 2006)pg 1

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