Before the serious stuff.

OK so I have many vaguely serious things to blog tomorrow, but as it is bedtime here’s a few thoughts until then.

Can someone explain the logic of the Old Lady swallowing the horse to catch the dog? Up until then the rhyme depends on an abnormally large throat and stomach but the sequence makes sense. Spiders catch flies, birds eat spiders, cats chase birds and dogs chase cats. Fine. But has there been a long standing feud between horses and dogs that I have been previously unaware of?

Also, who invented chewing gum, and were they mad or a genius? Charging money for something that loses it’s taste within three chews, has no nutritional value, no purpose in being chewed and (to turn into a old grannie for a moment) is fairly indestructable when it comes to covering pavements. Why? I’m confused.

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2 Responses to Before the serious stuff.

  1. Anne Witton says:

    I have often wondered about the wisdom of the old lady too. If she’d swallowed a haystack, then eating a horse might have been ‘sensible’, but I can’t find any evidence to suggest that horses eat dogs, or even chase them.As to chewing gum, there isn’t one single inventor as it seems to have cropped up in a number of ancient civilizations, from the ancient Greeks to the Mayans. However, Thomas Adams was the first person to invent a manufacturing process for turning chicle into a marketable gum, so I’d blame him if I were you. Personally, I like chewing gum except when I tread in it. (Although I think I’m still officially banned fom chewing it by my parents after I stuck some in my sister’s hair)

  2. Kath says:

    Wow, I’m informed, enlightened and happy to see you commenting on this fair blog! Hoorah.

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