Tea, glorious tea

It is fitting that my 200th post should be this one. Finally science can prove anything, hoorah. Tea is offically Good For You. Tea Goodness

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5 Responses to Tea, glorious tea

  1. Cat says:

    haha! I read that and it made me smile! Bring on the Tea!!!!!

  2. thebluefish says:

    i dont care what the scientists say, Tea is bad. Coffee is what you need to be drinking.

  3. Kath says:

    ah bish, one day you’ll see the error of your ways… One day.

  4. étrangère says:

    Call me a heretic and ban me from the Coffee Bible Club Blog, but I say There is a time for everything: a time to drink tea, and a time to drink coffee; a time to drink water, and a time to drink real Belgian hot chocolate.

  5. Kath says:

    hmm. maybe, just maybe. But tea is still BEST. Yes yes

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