Back in the UK

I’m back, and in the tired spaced out bit of being back. Yesterday was the over excited talk until you bore the people you are talking to, trying to explain experiences that you’ve had and trying to explain why some things are so funny, bit. Today it’s the loneliness of realising that I’m back, that there aren’t six people or more constantly around me to share this life with. I’m in the zone of being exhausted by a trip to Tescos, I honestly picked up an apple today and was amazed at it’s shinny red skin smooth in my hand. Oh dear. I’ve been without sleep, vegatables and fruit for too long now.

I know this is the weird bit and that coming soon are the glad to be back with the CD collection, appreciation of being on holiday, remembering that God exists here, and catching up with friends bits. But for now look at where I was for the last two weeks.

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