Dear Diary…

Dear diary. Today has been an eventful day.
It all started with my car limping down the hill to the nice people at the VW garage so they could make it better. Apparently it thought driving across London twice in a weekend was a step too far. It is poorly sick and needs lots and lots of money spending on it to make it better. (I mean really, when garages phone up and list many things that are wrong with your car and then ask, “do you want us to work on it?”, what do they expect the answer to be? “Well no, I’d rather leave it with you for the rest of it’s life to rust away”. Or “No thanks, I’ll just try and drive it in faith for a bit and see if you are right about it not working”. At least they were apologetic about the vast list of repairs to be done.) Ah well, ecologically sound methods of transport for me for a few more days.

I cycled with the wind into Brighton this afternoon to go to the sealife centre with my friends Ben and Debs and their little girl Sophia. (and yes I did toy with the idea of calling this “supporter time” and claiming it as work, but even my conscience wouldn’t let me.) I LOVE the sealife centre. Mainly because you walk around looking at weird weird fish thinking…”God, you are weird, I mean look at that fish. It’s so strange. How did you think of doing it like that? And why does it have so many tentacles, and why does it’s face bulge in that way?”. Infinite creativity makes for a lot of odd creatures.

Anyway Sophia seemed to enjoy it all. Especially talking to the nice stingrays.

Later I cycled against the wind (much much harder) back to Hove station to get the train that stops at 26 stations to Portsmouth. I mean, 26. I could recite them all here but I won’t. Suffice to say, I bet you’ve never heard of Warblington, Nutbourne or Fishersgate before. All these places seem to consist of a small field with a horse in it. I’m not yet convinced of the necessity of a train for the horses yet.

In Portsmouth I said goodbye to some lovely students at their end of term BBQ and introduced their future Relay worker to them. Ceryn seemed to adjust well to the general Portsmouth madness (indicating that, yes, she too might be a little strange in the head). After a couple of hours of fun, and shivering in a very English manner around the BBQ, I got back on the train that stops at 26 stations. A mere two hours later I made it home.

Other things of note today; I started planning my life again with paper and felt tip pens. Colour makes for good productivity; Paul Simon has a new album out soon; Neighbours is the best way to bond in any conversation with students and God is still real and still worth following to the end. Read Jeremiah 32 if in doubt.

I love the comedy exchange between Jeremiah and God, a shorterned version is:
Jeremiah: God, you’ve judged us, we’ve sinned, we have been captured and have to leave the land. But you’ve asked me to buy a field? A field? (you can almost hear the disbelief and slight confusion. Why buy a field in the land we’re leaving?)
God: Ah ha, you see the field has hidden meanings. It means I haven’t given up on the plan, I’m going to bring some people back. And ensure they get it right this time, I’m going to do good to them and never stop smiling because of them. OK. That’s what the field is all about.
Jeremiah: Er. Ok.

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5 Responses to Dear Diary…

  1. Steffy B says:

    He he! I like this post!

  2. Jonny:) says:

    Yes i read that jeramiah bit, its amazing that in a book of soo much doom, gloom and judgement there are some of the most wonderfuly articulate promises of God’s loving restoration.also:portsmouth harbourportsmouth and southseafrattonhillseabedhamptonhavantsouthbourneboshamfishbournchichesterbarhamnfordangermingshoreham by seagoring by seadurrington on seawest worthing worthinglancingfishergateportsladehoveso i got 21 of the stations by memory, i think Lou also knows them as well

  3. FloydTheBarber says:

    Yep, Ceryn is a bit strange in the head. Once you excuse her that, you’ll get on fine!

  4. Welshie says:

    oi! to both of you!kath, should i be worried next year if i start fitting in as well as you do down there…?!and ed…grrr! i have more photos!

  5. Lou says:

    Dude you missed out:AldringtonSouthiwickShoreham-by-seaEsat WorthingNutbourne:oD (wow after a year its still there! the south coast train line will haunt me forever!)

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