Music that soothes the soul

Last Thursday I went to see Karine Polwart with a friend. It was an amazing gig, mainly for the sad sweet melancholy songs that she plays. With lines like: “Maybe there’s a road that’s not this hard.” and “I can’t say there’s many things I wouldn’t change, there are better days gone than those that remain, but I can find joy in the sound of the rain, you have to find joy where you can”, who could resist? It was music that soothed the deep parts of me and left me hopeful. Here’s one of her more cheery songs that sums up some of the rare moments of peace with me and God at the moment.

You put me back together again
just when I thought I was broken forever
So broken that nothing on this earth could mend me
You put me back together again

You put me back together again
Just like a puzzle with no pieces missing
I see myself as you see me my friend
You put me back together again

When everything else in this world
Flickers and falters and falls
And the thunder is under our feet
You feel like four strong walls
(Karine Polwart)

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2 Responses to Music that soothes the soul

  1. Steffy B says:

    She’s so lush! Loving your re-interpretation of that lyric, I think it would probably piss her off, but it’s great for you and I!!

  2. Kath says:

    yeah, after all, what things are about is all to do with the readers interpretation, sod the authors intent eh… (ahem)

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