More quotes to make you dance.

I’m never ever going to get over the ridiculousness of the love of my Father. Who doesn’t delight in my outward show of faithfulness (which masks my inward rebellion) but who delights in me coming back to him with my sin, shame and darkness and letting him take it away and fill my hands with Good Things. Amazing. He delights in those who hope in his love, and when I’ve got nothing else and nowhere else to go, that’s something I can do, I can cry out help to the one who loves me most, and that’s all he wants. Crazy. But very wonderful.

“We need to be reminded that we really are a new creation, that underneath the failure and the wrecked meringue nest of our own security or self confidence, lies the love of God…It can be an immense relief to learn that though we sin, God’s grace abounds. However far we fall God has done a work which goes deeper. Even though we go right to the very bottom of the slimiest pit of sin, we find that our Lord has already been there, has taken the sin, has redeemed the humanity that lurked there, has provided righteousness for us in himself, has provided a rightness of relating to the Father that includes love. When you sink to the darkest and vilest depths of your own soul, what do you find? You find Jesus the Proper Man, with a perfect love from his Father. You actually are redeemed from the depths, for you are a partner with him in loving the Father.” (Dominic Smart- When we get it wrong)

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