The wanderer returns

After three weeks of being unaware of the day or time I return to the world of time, routine, a place where I live permanently and a underused bed. I’ve been in the Yorkshire Dales, Cambridge, London, Guildford, Brighton, London and back to Brighton again in 48 hours (I did stay in the Dales for a week before leaving, I’m not that insane… really). It’s a feeling akin to jet lag as I adjust to the land of Hove Actually. Boring details aside, thoughts, musings on life and amusing pictures will follow soon. As, no doubt, will work, life, church, knitting and all the rest of the stuff that makes up normal life. Enough, I’m going to enjoy bed and the last day of holiday on the other side of some good sleep. I’ll leave you with this thought from the Dales.

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4 Responses to The wanderer returns

  1. Jonny:) says:

    Yo Glad you back (i like have to say that dont i???)Did you get any copies of that sign???

  2. -bb- says:

    hey miss hove actually…twas cool to say hi to you at steph’s party last night. i will definately be down for that coffee date soon. 🙂 Hope returning to work goes fine and dandy.

  3. Kath says:

    Jonny- thought you’d like that sign!!Becci- mate anytime you want to head down to the coast, you are more than welcome! cool to see you being ubiquitous as ever last night!

  4. Timmy C says:

    what does ubiquitous mean?! ^o)I’m with Jonny re: the sign, love it 🙂

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