The Guildford stage of travels.

My parents have broadband. What a good thing. And so after a week and a half away from the internet I return to the world of procrastination and random thoughts. Which is fine because I’m on holiday and allowed to procrastinate all I like. Ha. Word Alive was brilliant, lots and lots and lots of Jesus. Uber amounts of food for the soul and many random chats with old friends. Mainly the question burning on my heart as I left was, “Do I love Jesus?”. I think I do, but I want to love him more. We were looking at Colossians and the phrase that jumped out and hit me over the head was… “Christ, who is your life.” It seems like a bit of a throw away comment, but sums up everything I forget. Christ is my life. I have nothing, am nothing, can do nothing without Him. When I read that I think it’s a bit extreme. But it’s not. It’s reality. Reality of the deepest kind.

The Lake District as ever worked it’s magic air on my soul. The Lakes look like this, and as you can tell I am very happy in my silly hat. Hoorah for holidays and the wonder of being in a created world and knowing the creator.

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3 Responses to The Guildford stage of travels.

  1. FloydTheBarber says:

    Wow!I’m going to the highlands in a couple of days…looking forward to views like that!

  2. Welshie says:

    I love those pics! I love creation! God rocks!

  3. Timmy C says:

    aaw man, just LOVE the lakes, God’s just too amazing for words… anyone for a road trip?! 😎

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