And now for something completely different…

Who would do this???

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5 Responses to And now for something completely different…

  1. podanski says:

    are you serious?! that’s how i get to work every morning!

  2. thebluefish says:

    why am I not surprised

  3. Andy says:

    Dave:1. You know Pod?2. You know the icy conditions that people in Nottingham have to contend with?3. You lack the ability to be surprised?Cath:I think Steph Bushell would do it given half the chance and you’d probably be able to provoke Maurice into it to. Roz M is a bit of an extreme sports fan too – I think you’d be surprised (if you can be) who might do it! Not me though – no snow here.

  4. Roz says:

    Hmmm, ideas for Relay 3 fun night come to mind. Ok so we would need to improvise as we are not looking for snow in June, but trays, some wheels and the gentle downward meandering drive of the Quinta with the occasional speed bump could offer some potential=:) Mmm this relay 3 planning is fun. What other improvised extreme sports could we come up with???????

  5. kenny says:

    I would! I have indeed recently blogged such desire. Am I the only one? I think it looks fun! Kenny

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