Saturday morning (Diary roundup)

Big long sigh. The weekend has come. The sun is shining. The day is stretched out before me full of endless possibilities of adventure and fun. As well documented here, I love Saturday mornings and the hope of all today might offer. For a start my wonderful brother is coming to play in 3 hours time. So I have 3 hours free in which to bum around, enjoy some more of God, listen to Saturday morning music, read the paper, do some cleaning and generally laze around some more.

Saturday morning music is important, it needs to be chilled enough to help you embrace the day and cheery enough to entice you out into the day.

Top tunes for a Saturday morning are therefore:
Crazy little thing called love – Queen
Praise you- Fat Boy Slim
Mr Jones- Counting Crows
Wake up it’s a beautiful morning- The Boo Radleys
I can see clearly now- Jimmy Cliff.

Last night I went to the first evening of a Book Group I have joined. We were reading “We need to talk about Kevin”.

A book which searches the horrors of our hearts, questions the sense in this life and wonders if endlessly passing the search for meaning onto the next generation is really such a good plan. A book which doesn’t have many answers but which explores the impossibility of simplistic explanations of the darkness in this world and our hearts. In short, perfect to chat about with some old friends and new friends over wine and food in a random Greek restaurant in London.

This week has been as mad as I thought it was going to be, but I have loved getting back into my job, chilling out with students, seeing what God is up to down here and reminding people of reality. Highlights have been; getting to talk about Narnia to Brighton CU and read out my favorite bits from the book in a jackanory type manner; beating a boy student at pool; getting asked deeply insightful loving questions by someone who cares about the answer; eating cake with my Relay boys for their birthdays; lots of coffee meetings with students; good times with mates at the end of the day knitting and discussing amazing books.

Diary moment over. These things are important to note on a sunny Saturday morning. I’m off to play.

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