It isn’t often I do this…

I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a theologian before. This is a first for me. And I think it will be the last time. But this guy is good. I’ve only read a couple of articles by him but he seems to be what is missing from my world, a theologian with some common sense and a sense of humor. An excellent combination in my book. He has interesting things* to say about blogging. I like his take on the ridiculous nature of this world. Skip to the final paragraph of the link to see what I mean.

This could lead me to my thoughts on reading things we might not agree totally with, or learning to think, which in turn would lead me to the thought of why I love my brother so much. But it’s still saturday, I have to cook dinner, and have fun with some friends. My rants will have to wait for a while.

*interesting things – the ideas that make me think about life. The thoughts that I might not agree with but have to think about why I don’t, and maybe change my opinion on things.

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3 Responses to It isn’t often I do this…

  1. -bb- says:

    i copied and pasted some of what he wrote onto my blog and then had a think…there’s quite a lot i agree with and some i disagree with…and becuase agreeing is boring im going to comment on what i don’t agree with..! “we could make sure that the stuff we read in the virtual world is backed up by acheivements out there in the real world.” I really disagree…maybe im being postmodern but surely no one person’s opinion is more valid than another’s just becuase they have an achievement? Yeah, sure, on somethings. so I would believe a doctor’s diagnosis of my illness above a bin mans but not on everything. Also, the very point of the internet is that everyone gets a say. It doesn’t mean the reader ahs to buy into it. But we all get to be listened to in a way maybe we can’t in the real world.I don’t like hierachies of importance. I understand leadership, giftings etc which lead to certain responsibilties both for the leader and the lead but I don’t think it renders their point of view any more ‘important’. ok rant over. 🙂

  2. Kath says:

    Good point! Yey! thinking and disagreeing, and other points of view going on!I did like his conclusion of, hey lets not take ourselves too seriously!Yeah- I like the guy cos he makes me think and I think it’s really important to be able to look at some writing and agree with some of it and be able to combine that with disagreeing with some stuff too. Something I usually find very hard to do! I guess cos my brain is wired to either agree with everything or disagree with everything, being someone who hates conflict and disagreement. I’m trying to learn how to have intelligent debate without it becoming an issue of whether I’m friends with someone or not… and I’m slowly trying to get my head around critical thinking…

  3. -bb- says:

    yeah absoutley…I liked that part of his conclusion too.That’s grace huh?! Being able to agree with something and someone says and disagree too and it’s ok to do so!

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