To this: Bird York. I’ve just seen Crash, which led me to her. Beautiful haunting voice and lyrics.

In The Deep

Thought you had all the answers
to rest your heart upon
but something happens
don’t see it coming, now
you can’t stop yourself
now you’re out there swimming
in the deep

Life keeps tumbling you heart in circles
till you let go
till you shed your pride and you climb to heaven
and you throw yourself off
now you’re out there spinning in the deep

Crash is a genius film. All based around the tagline: “You think you know who you are? You have no idea”. A film that explores who we are, the death of heros, villians or any other nice cardboard cutout images of humanity. A film that leaves us in the mess of realising that we aren’t anywhere near where we thought we were. A film that makes you laugh, gasp, and cry out loud. Go watch. Now.

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