Final thoughts before heading off to the world of Devon.

What ever happened to the chocolate bars called Whispers?

What will I do with thoughts that float around in my brain on holiday and will I be able to get away from the feeling that I should be typing them on a screen for random people to read? I think this will be good for me, as sometimes it’s good to dwell in the moment, to live an unrecorded life. I’m looking forward to reading some more of Narnia, enjoying, and arguing with, my lovely family, living in a world without watches, walking on beaches staring at the sea and marvelling at our amazing God.

It’s already strange being away from broadband, the place I call home and all the things I use to define me and my worth in Brighton. Maybe it will just be good to get away to a place where I can be with my Father, where He comes first and where I can sit and listen to the old old story.

Things here will resume after Christmas. I was sitting writing Christmas cards today marvelling at all the random people who get my prayer letter, some of whom have never met me (random indeed) and thankful for the people out there who care about the work I do and who care about me. I am massively grateful to all the people God has used to affect and influence me. And if you are reading this here’s to you. A song by a lesser known band which sums up all I want to say. So if you are reading this consider this a massive thank you and appreciation of you. Impersonal maybe. But the reality is there.

“To all my childhood heroes,
and everything you’ve shown,
All your little weaknesses, all your righteous codes,
To all who have encouraged me in every single way
The messes I get into, the crazy things I say.

Here’s to you my friends, here’s to you
For all that you have given, for all you’ve seen me through,

For my loved and cherished ones
I thank the Lord above,
For all the care they give me, for their unfailing love.
To those who scaled the mountains
To my friends in the vale,
May Jesus walk beside you,
May your faith never fail.

Here’s to you, my friends, here’s to you
For all that you have given, for all you’ve seen me through.”
(The Electrics)

Have good Christmases, know the peace that comes from the Emmanuel. Remember the one who came to the madness, and rest in His arms.

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