I wish it could be Christmas everyday…

It really feels like it is Christmas everyday at the moment. This week I’ve been to two carol services, seen Narnia and had the annual exchange of presents with my lush friends Sarah and Anna. (friends of the best kind who know you inside out, don’t let you get away with the I’m fine platitudes and love you well). Next week I’ll have two Christmas meals and two more carol services. It’s a good job I like Christmas.

Tonight it is our annual ‘cook for lots of people who were in some way connected to a house we used to live in’ meal. Which gets more convoluted and strange each year.

This event started two years ago when our house and the boys next door got together for a Danish (the housemate who can cook is Danish) Christmas extravaganza. Last year it turned into, our house, old housemates, the boys house and another girls house. This year it’s gone crazy what with people getting married, new people arriving and lots more interconnections I have no time to go into here.

ANyway. Tonight is the night when Danish and English Christmas’ collide to make a joyous evening, and we attempt to fit 12 people around our dining table. So much fun 🙂

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