Someone else to write my thoughts

Do you ever read things that you think, “hang on a minute, has this person been inside my head”? Becci Brown has written a cool post over on her blog, check it out. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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4 Responses to Someone else to write my thoughts

  1. -bb- says:

    hey…glad it helped. yeah i know TOTALLY what you mean. this blogging phenomena is totally weird most of the time but incredibly helpful the rest. Keep running the race.liking the new header!

  2. Nato says:

    Hiya.I’m just a random reading your blog :)The link you provided goes to the blog, but not to the post that you refer to, so people can’t tell what you’re trying to get them to read. If you provided a link to the post it would mean we could see what you were refering to.

  3. Kath says:

    thanks for the advice Nato- I guess it was just relevant for that day, but the post I was refering to was the post about Psalm 81… however becci generally write thoughts similar to mine (spooky) so it was really a hat tip to her blog in general…:-)

  4. Nato says:

    heh…yeah, I had found the post (this one right?) anyway – once I get curious, I find it hard to stop looking for stuffs 🙂

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