I’ve been inspired by the recent trickle of people saying that they read this blog to write more random burblings from my mind. I’ve been thinking a bit recently about the nature of blogs. Which I’m sure comes to every blogger once in a while. In a ‘what is the point of this’ type way. I think secretly (or not so secretly now) I’m attempting to reassure myself once again that it is a good thing to be me. Not in a deeply narcissistic, ‘oo I’m the centre of the universe’ way. But in a ‘ah God made me me for a reason’. (which reminds me of a song..).

I’ve been musing on the point of this space in relation to other ‘Christian’ blogs. (by nature this is a Christian blog because I am a Christian and these are my thoughts.) Some of the blogs I’ve skimmed across seem to be very into discussing ‘theology’ and issues, and all the rest. It is tempting, for me, to think that is a more worthy thing to read, write and think about, and to want to try and do that myself. But I think this blog is all about living with the theology. I turn to my old friend to try and explain what I mean. Mr Peterson, the platform is yours:

“’Theology’ is the attention that we give to God, the effort we give to knowing God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and in Jesus Christ. ‘Spiritual’ is the insistence that everything that God reveals of himself is capable of being lived out by ordinary men and women in their homes and workplaces. ‘Spiritual’ keeps ‘theology’ from degenerating into merely thinking and talking and writing about God at a distance. ‘Theology’ keeps ‘spiritual’ from becoming merely thinking and talking and writing about the feelings and thoughts one has about God. The two words need each other, for we know how easy it is for us to let our study of God (theology) get separated from the way we live; we also know how easy it is to let our desires to live whole and satisfying lives (spiritual lives) get disconnected from who God actually is and the ways he works amongst us.” (E.Peterson- Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places)

Naturally I am more drawn towards the ‘spiritual’ side of this seesaw. And so I need the ones who are more drawn towards the ‘theology’ side to remind me what all my thoughts and feelings are really based on. We need ‘theology’ but we need to remember the context in which we discuss it. The reality of God and who he really is lived out in my relationships, my workplace, my thoughts and actions.

I think there needs to be more welding of the two sides together. (they may be a false dichotomy as to take one side away from the other leaves mere empty words)

I want to be able to express all I know of the truth of God, and how he works in this world, in ways that relate to living life. To apply all I know of the maker of this world into how I live and breathe and walk around this earth. To explore how that works in creative ways. As I said when I started I don’t want to recount diary moments in my life, but I do want to share and start conversations about the reality all around us. The truth about who we are and why we are here. And to do so in language that is accessible and relational. But not in a way that leaves the attention on us as humans. But that brings the attention back to the one who made us, loves us, gave everything for us. Because gazing at His face brings us hope and gazing into the eyes that know everything we’ve done but that don’t turn away is the best news in the world.

As the body of Christ we need each other to help one another think about different aspects of this truth we live with. I like the blogs that make me think more about ‘theology’ and critcally about stuff. But maybe this might be bringing balance to the force. (ahem)

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