If you want to see a full catalogue of our time in Bulgaria, check out Dancing Dave’s photo diary, ( complete with handy captions supplied by Lou ( Proving that we can never really say that what happened in Bulgaria stays in Bulgaria. Which was a nice idea when pretending to be a small child for a carnival evening, or dancing a Bulgarian folk dance badly or… as I said what happened in Bulgaria can never really stay in Bulgaria. And on one level it shouldn’t – it would be decidedly pants not to tell of all God did out there, to not big up His name and work.

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2 Responses to Photos?

  1. Lou says:

    I didn’t do all of the captions – Dave did the boring ones ;o)

  2. Dave says:

    I think Lou and I have covered most of the important captions. Lou has done a fantastic job at captioning. Especially the football event 😉

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