In the interests of wrapping up this year, here are some moments of my 2008, it’s been a weird year, so much change, which I’m still attempting to work through in my head, but there have been some beautiful moments within the strangeness. Here are a few:

Click away to see in full detail. They are scenes from the last year.

Me, Anna and Sarah all turned 30 this year and joyous celebrations resulted. Snow at Fallowfield was unusual. A teapot was given to me from students I had worked with and the sun set on my job with UCCF. Moving twice in one year is not to be recommended. New paths, new church, a new way to live and the pain and wonder of it all. Leaving lovely housemates was ridiculously hard, tea at the Grand Hotel in Brighton was the setting for some good final times together. No year would be complete without a visit to the Lakes and a lush holiday in France provided me with the much lacking sun in the summer. I discovered I’m going to be an Auntie, cue much excitement in the Arnold family.

The final picture is that of a winter tree. They look dead and empty at this time of year, stark against the winter sky. I’m coming to the end of the year feeling a bit like one of those trees, not sure of so many things, battered around by all the change, glad of so many things, weirded out by so many things. The good thing about winter trees is that they aren’t dead. I trust and hope that there will be blossom to come and full green lushous leaves to grow. I trust and hope that there will be fruit ahead even though I can’t see it right now. I trust and I hope that there is One bigger than me who knows what is going on and can turn my dark dry branches into beautiful fruit.

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  1. botherer says:

    You forgot about when I came to visit! Surely the best moment of the entire year?

    It’s so weird that you wouldn’t remember that.

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